Saturday, November 25, 2006

Internet Marketing Workshop

Hi, I'm running along the internet and found this interesting site and decided to register on-line as a participant.

It's for those whose wanted to join internet marketing. The workshop was conducted by and held in Malaysia's National University (University Kebangsaan Malaysia)on 25 November 2006. It's worth money spend and the fasilitator are member-friendly with warm support to us that have little basic on the computer and programming. The workshop was equip by computers with internet connection so we can doing practical on the spot. This is not a workshop to create a millionaire but to exposed the participant to making business in the internet. If you're can be a millionaire, it is a credit of your effort and choosing the right way of marketing technics. There's a great names of Malaysian entrepernuer like, rajaadsense, shulth, and the fasilitator. I've met many enterperneur that come with desire like Hassan with its women infra-red underware, Mior the MLM e-book, azlin with her international business that catch me by shock. And what do i bring here?? I've just want to start. But now you'll see, i'll bring the hurricane in the internet. So i'll likely to recommend this workshop for you to join in the future. It's money worth spending

Mohd Ali bin Jemali
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Monday, October 09, 2006

Tickets - out of sales

This Hari Raya Aidul Fitri is 3 days after Deepavali. Two great festival among two races made a huge demand for tickets. Therefore the ticket counter are sold out since 2 month befare. My college can't fly back to Sarawak cause the flight was full book. Other method of travelling is by car pooling, unregistered van (van sapu), bas kilang, bas sekolah, taxi that sometime doubled or tripled the prizes from usual. But people still paying to have a hari raya spirit with their family. I'll used to be one of them during my study at Kuala Lumpur. It fun travelling by train because there's a student warrant issue by the college. The fun is to throw the bag in the train through the windows as soon as the train come. The train is also fun because there many kind of people from difference cultural and races. Passenger can also sit on the floor aong the big bag. But sometimes i'll feel pity for those travelling with family, babies and olders. The condition in the train is hot if the rotaring fans breakdown. Now travelling like that is in the memory because i'm travelling by van with my family but the nostaglia is still fresh in my mind.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


When Ramadhan (fasting month for muslim) arrived, we've got to fasting for a month from before Subuh till maghrib at nearly night. It's likely tired on the day. All the work must be done on time. But as a religious person, the fasting has many benefit on health and will pull our empathy to those poor person that sometime not enough food. For example our brother and sister at war area, draught season and others. It also make people more patience and tolerance because of tiredness. That a good things too. To all my fasting friend, happy fasting and happy Aidil Adha. Don't forget your zakat fitrah.

My first blog

hello! It's me with my new blog. Welcome. I'll fill this blog with my opinion and my feel about something around me. OK, see you soon.